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We Care :)

We are a socially responsible company, having always believed that as a company, the best way we can contribute to our society and this world is by transfer of knowledge and skills to that section of the society which does not belong to any privileged class; but has the desire to excel and make a mark in this world.

In our social integration program we tried to reach students belonging to the remote areas of India, who by meagre means have somehow completed their graduation in science/ mathematics/computer science from some of those institutes which are not of high repute and lack in-depth study and therefore they are still not ‘job ready’.

At HPC Sphere, we provide a rigorous training program for such students in various computer science related domains and technologies depending upon his/her interest for a period of one year during which he is given the basic knowledge of the theory of his chosen subject along with the hands on experience. During the training period, we provide a basic stipend as well as a reward for students' hardwork.

Very humbly we would like to share that few of these students have joined the top companies in India and are valued amongst the best in their organizations. Few of them are also proud employees at HPC Sphere.This knowledge and skill development program goes long way in repaying back to the society by eradicating some unemployment and building strong individuals who at some point in their lives, would also think and do the same. In our philosophy the highest order of good somebody can do in this society is “Imparting Knowledge” to others.