Software Development

We at HPC Sphere provide services based on requirements of the standard application software which then can provide better and more efficient outputs for the business needs of our customers.We are a team of highly qualified, specialized and experienced technicians in various domains that we provide services for.

We deploy very simple and standard methodology to serve our customers –
We start from the assessment of the customer’s requirements by our team of Business Analysts and go on to the development of specifications and work flow by the Project Manager. Then comes the approval of customer and agreement signing through our Business Development manager which is followed by actual coding by our Programmers and testing the various phases as per the approved work flow. Next comes the testing of the Beta version and then the real time testing by our Testers .Finally comes the handing over of the customized product to the customer and signing off with an assurance of warranty and services in the future.

We specialize in the following fields for serving our customers:

  • Trading & Finance
  • Image and Video processing
  • Weather Forecast Modeling
For more on our specialization, please see our Domains and Technologies sections. Services