In today’s age when the world at large is deluged with enormous amount of digital data, the scientist and the industrialist are feeling the need to analyze this data faster and faster for timely information, decision and actions.

Thankfully IT industry is catching up quite fast to match the requirements through the field of high performance computing, but there is dearth of skilled manpower catering to this field, it is estimated that by end of 2017 India would require 5 lakhs trained manpower in HPC alone in order to sustain its software dominance in the world market. There are whole lot of industries that would realize the need of upgrading to HPC – Finance, Trading, Data analytics, Retail, Weather, Research, Space, Earth Science and exploration etc.

HPC Sphere has realized this need and has taken a leap in this direction a couple of years back to provide training to fresh graduates and post graduates of CS in high performance computing.Some of our students have got placements in the India center of world’s topmost companies.

The enrolment process for fresh batch in HPC training is going start very soon. The one month training would commence from July. RUSH ...

We also specialize in conducting on-site corporate training programs for 3-5 days duration for the companies who realized the need for their IT staff to get updated on High Performance Computing. Services